White-Crowned Sparrow

I sat outside in my back yard the other day, camera ready, watching a variety of birds come into my yard to eat at the various feeders.

This White-crowned Sparrow decided to come for a visit and his unique black and white striped head caught my attention immediately.  Unlike many of the sparrows and finches that find their way to my back yard and who eat at the hanging feeders, this sparrow landed in a low bush before dropping to the ground.

White-crowned Sparrows generally eat on the ground or in low vegetation.  He was headed to the ground below my thistle seed sock, where I am sure he was going to find plenty of fallen seeds, dropped by other sparrows and finches eating above, on the seed sock.

White-crowned Sparrows can be found in southern Nevada from Fall through Spring.  I’m not sure where this one will be headed, but he will likely be heading somewhere north, before long, to hang out and breed during the summer.

He’s the only one I have seen in my yard this Spring.  A lot of times there are multiple birds of the same species feeding in my yard, but on this day, he was alone.

To learn more about White-crowned Sparrows visit their page at All About Birds, here.


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