The first time I noticed Gazania plants, was a mass planting years ago, in the master planned community of Summerlin.  The flowers were mostly yellows and reds.  Since then, a large number of different colors can be found in local plant nurseries and big box stores.

My favorite color combination is a yellow, white and purple petaled flower, as you can see in the picture below.

I think this color combination is just so unusual and striking.  But there are many other colors of Gazania that make mass plantings look great in borders or as accents to any flower garden.  Some of the different colored Gazanias that I have grown are below.

I have had more luck with Gazanias planted below a large pine tree in my front yard.  I suspect it is because they are in partial shade and get more water due to the sprinklers which water the grass around the flower bed daily.  Gazanias in my back yard, where I water by hand, have much harsher soil and I am sure do not get as much water.  As a result they haven’t lasted more than a few months, whereas the ones under the pine tree are in their second year.

Gazanias are found in South Africa and neighboring countries and have been naturalized in places like Australia and Calfiornia.

They are drought tolerant and are supposed to do well in poor soils.  But my experience is that they definitely do better in amended soils.

They are frequently used for mass plantings along roadways in both southern Nevada and California, but make a welcome and colorful addition to yards and containers, as well.

To learn more about Gazanias visit the websites below:


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