I have lived in Las Vegas since 1992!  While most people think of the glitz and “glamor” of the Las Vegas Strip, when you venture into the neighboring cities and communities you find typical America!

Many people may be surprised at the variety of wildlife that can be found in the Las Vegas Valley especially the number and types of birds.  I use various feeders to attract birds to my back yard.

I also enjoy gardening and despite the very hot summers and sometimes below freezing winter temperatures, I have found that with a little effort you can grow a large variety of plants and flowers here.  Sometimes, plants that can be easily grown in the ground in cooler temperatures will need to be grown in containers here, because of the heat and because we have no real nutrients in our harsh desert soil.

This blog will allow me to share birding and gardening in my yard and the birds, plants and flowers I find as I travel to other communities and State and National Parks in the southwestern United States.

Another of my hobbies is landscape photography.  As I work to improve my landscape photography skills, I will try to capture the unique and interesting plants, flowers and birds that I encounter along the way.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Neldon, I found your site this morning when searching for information on growing Clematis in Las Vegas. I am obsessed with the idea of trying to grow my first one here. My husband and I re-landscaped our back yard last year, and are completing “phase 2” this spring, which includes planting a few vines we couldn’t find in the nurseries last fall. Thank you for all the information and insight. I will check out Roseville Farms.
    Lori Decker


    • I would suggest looking at http://www.clematis.com as well. I bought several from them 2 years year and they all performed better than ones I have bought anywhere else. I did a new post on the three I bought from there 2 years ago that are growing in a container on the north east side of my house. You can see how big they are after just one full year. All 10 of my plants are in containers. If you plant any in garden beds, I would love to hear how they do. Good luck!


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