American Robin

The American Robin can be found in most of the continental United States year-round and winters in Southern California, Southern Nevada, Southern Arizona, Southern New Mexico, Southern Louisiana and Florida. While visiting family a couple of weeks ago in St. George, Utah, I heard the sound of baby birds nearby.  As I looked at the […]

Red Hills Desert Garden

Over the Memorial Day weekend I had the opportunity to visit a newly opened Desert Demonstration Garden in St. George, Utah.  The Red Hills Desert Garden located at 375 North Red Hills Parkway, in St. George, Utah. Built on the red sandstone hills north of downtown St. George, the Red Hills Desert Garden is the […]

Mourning Doves

Mourning Doves are a common sight throughout the United States.  They can be found in most of the Continental United States year-round and during the summer, in virtually every corner of the Continental United States. Mourning Doves most often will eat seeds that are plainly visible to them on the ground and will sometimes eat […]


My favorite flowering vines are, without a doubt, Clematis.  The first one that I remember seeing was back in 1992-93, in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I was visiting Niagara Falls with some family members and we had just driven back across the Rainbow Bridge from having lunch in Niagara Falls, NY.  When we got back to […]

Lesser Goldfinch

One of the reasons I hung a thistle seed sock this year in my backyard, was to try to attract a larger variety of birds, than I have had in the past, with just suet feeders and hummingbird feeders. Within a day of hanging the thistle seed sock, I noticed a couple of bright yellow […]

More Amaryllis

The Amaryllis flowers continue to bloom in my yard and containers.  A couple of different varieties have bloomed since the previous post on Amaryllis.  The picture above is of a Double Blossom Peacock Amaryllis and is without a doubt the most striking of the Amaryllis in my yard.  The large double flowers with the red […]

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbirds are the only mockingbird that are permanent residents of the United States.  In Las Vegas, the Northern Mockingbird can be found year-round and it frequents the feeders and bird bath in my backyard all year. The Northern Mockingbird is the ‘bully’ of the birds that come to feed in my backyard.  They are […]