About four or five years ago I bought a four-inch Cyclamen to plant in a container in my front yard.  The nurseries here in Las Vegas usually get them in sometime in October.  They do well as a fall annual and many people purchase them to add some color as an indoor plant. I was […]

Spring Clematis!

I planted some new clematis plants two years ago in a container in front of my house.  They started blooming over the weekend.  There are 3 clematis in the container and they are doing well.  There are about 16 flowers open with another 50-60 still to go.  Two of them are flowering the third is […]


The first time I noticed Gazania plants, was a mass planting years ago, in the master planned community of Summerlin.  The flowers were mostly yellows and reds.  Since then, a large number of different colors can be found in local plant nurseries and big box stores. My favorite color combination is a yellow, white and […]

Eurasian Collared Doves

This year I have seen several Eurasian Collared Doves among the birds at my backyard feeders.  This is the first year I have noticed them.  But according to, Eurasian Collared Doves moved into the Las Vegas Valley around 2007-2009.  The site further states “This Eurasian species was imported to the Bahamas in the mid-1970s […]

Morning Glory

I sometimes think of Morning Glory as a forgotten flower.  At least here in the southwestern United States, I rarely see it planted.  I’m not sure I have seen it planted in the Las Vegas Valley, more than one time. The neighbor who lived across the street from me, when I was growing up, used […]

Costa’s Hummingbird

In late-Spring, I had a Costa’s Hummingbird visit my backyard hummingbird feeders.  I only saw the Costa’s one afternoon. Costa’s migrate to Southern Nevada in the Summer to breed.  I have watched for a return visit from the Costa’s or other Costa’s hummingbirds but so far I haven’t seen another one. Per TheCornellLab of Ornithology’s […]


Hibiscus are native to tropical and subtropical climates and are the national flower or Haiti and the state flower of Hawaii!  Tropical Hibiscus, as they are sometimes referred to, can be grown outdoors, during the summer, in most of the continental United States.  However, they are susceptible to both frost and freezing and as a […]